Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1. What makes it so popular and how does it compare it to our very own premium Carver golf ball?





What is the Titleist Pro V1

First launched in the year 2000 it quickly became the most popular ball among players on the tour. Jump forward 20+ years and 300,000+ balls are shipped per day.

Players were initially cautious about a solid core golf ball when they were first released but this quickly changed after a the Tiger Woods domination in the 2000 US open.

Why is the Titleist Pro V1 so popular?

Whilst there are now a number of premium competitors, the Titleist Pro V1 has remained popular due to it's consistent improvements and it's all round strong branding and marketing. After all why would people change when the product quality doesn't diminish?



Titleist Pro V1  vs  Carver Golf ball


The Carver golf ball is 3 piece with a soft feel urethane case which is the same as a Pro V1. Both balls have a softer feel giving you great control around the greens.

An extremely popular feature of the Carver golf ball is the precision putting line. This is a 40mm printed black line that helps line up those crucial putts.

What about the price point?

Price wise this certainly swings in our favour. With the Titleist Pro V1 being as much as £44.99, you can bag a box of Carver golf balls for around £15 less.

And as a demonstration of confidence in the ball you get a money back guarantee, meaning you can get a full refund if not happy with the performance.


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