Best Golf Tees

Here we'll go over the best golf grips available taking both quality & price into account.




Why selecting the right tee is important


Something people often overlook is selecting the right golf tees. In particular choosing a tee that is the right height. 

Consistently setting your tees at the right height is a problem that many golfers suffer from. Setting it slightly different each time may cause you to miss the sweet spot and inadvertently blame your swing, when in fact it's just the golf ball in a slightly different tee position.

So when looking for the best golf tees we feel it's important to take not just value into account, but also the ability to tee it consistently.  


Best Golf Tees


Carver Golf Tee


Where better to start than our very own Carver Golf Tee. Featuring in golf monthly's 'Best Golf Tees' article. These wooden golf tees are marked for perfection adding consistency to your tee shots. 

Starting from as low as £3.99 per pack and available in multiple sizes - 42mm, 54mm, 70mm, 83mm. 

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Champkey SDP Plus Golf Tees



Coming in packs of 75 and starting at £9.99 per pack, these tees are plastic not wooden. 

Available in two sizes, 70mm & 83mm. 

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Green Swing Bamboo Tees


Coming in packs of 30, Green Swings bamboo tees are strong, sustainable & biodegradable. 

Each pack contains 5 different sizes - 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 60mm & 70mm. 

Available in wooden or full colour. 

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PGA Tour 200 Castle Golf Tees


These plastic castle tees come in a mixed bag of 200. 

Each bag contains:

60 x red tees: 31mm
60 x blue tees: 37mm
50 x yellow tees: 43mm
10 x white tees: 50mm
10 x pink tees: 60mm
10x silver tees: 70mm

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Bensive Bamboo Golf Tees 70mm



This high-quality bamboo tee is designed with premium quality bamboo and is built to last. 

Only available in size 70mm but both a 50 pack & 100 pack available. 

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PTS 83mm Tees



One of the more popular tees in golf, you'll often find these on the shelves of your pro shop. Comes in a pack of 75 and is 83mm tee. 

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PTS 69mm Tees



Like the above, the PTS 69mm tee is one of the most well known in golf and can be found in most pro shops. 

Each pack contains 100 tees.  

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