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Carver wooden golf tees

Wooden golf tee

A durable wooden golf tee

with a glossed finish.

50 per pack.

Carver wooden golf tee

Marked for perfection

Add consistency to your tee shots.

Each golf tee is marked so you can set it the right height, every time.

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Featuring in Golf Monthlys 'Best Golf Tees'

Being featured in a Golf Monthly article is quite an accomplishment, and we understood that our golf tees needed to be exceptional quality when we sent them over. That's why we are absolutely delighted to be showcased in their article 'Best golf tees' and see it as a genuine vote of confidence.

Our wooden golf tees have received praise for several key factors, including their outstanding durability and excellent value for money. Above all, the markings for achieving the ideal tee height and enhancing performance have garnered significant appreciation.

Golf tee features

Crafted from Bamboo, you can expect enhanced durability during your round. Moreover, we have taken great care to mark each tee at the ideal height, allowing you to consistently set it at the perfect position every single time.

Why are tee markings important?

To achieve your peak performance on the golf course, it is crucial to have the ball positioned at the correct height when teeing off. Without the guidance of golf tee markings, there is a risk of unintentionally setting the ball at varying levels for each shot. As a result, you may experience inconsistent shots even with identical swings. To make things worse, you might mistakenly focus on correcting your swing technique when, in reality, the issue lies in the height of your golf tee.

Even a slight difference of a few millimeters can have a significant impact, determining whether you strike the sweet spot or not. This discrepancy becomes especially critical with a driver, as it can affect your shot distance by 15 yards or more.

Multiple golf tee heights

Our golf tees are now available in the four most popular sizes: 42mm (Small), 54mm (Medium), 70mm (Large), and 83mm (X-large).

Here are our recommendations for when to use each tee size:

For iron shots, we recommend using the 42mm tee. This size works well on par 3 holes or on par 4 holes where you don't need to use the driver.

When using your woods or hybrids off the tee, the 54mm tee is ideal.

The 70mm tee is the most commonly used tee size with the driver. It's a straightforward choice for most golfers.

While less commonly used, the 83mm tee can help increase your distance with the driver. With a higher tee height, you're more likely to hit the ball with an upward swing, resulting in extra distance. However, using this tee requires some adjustment and caution as there is a higher risk of topping the ball if you're not careful.