Best golf balls for mid handicappers

First things first, we'd consider a mid handicapper as a player with a handicap between 10 and 20. You'll regularly break 90 and may occasionally be breaking 80.

It's important to remember that whilst we'll go through some of the best options, some of it comes down to swing speed, ball flight and how you like your golf ball to feel.



How many layers should a mid handicapper golf ball have?

Golf balls can have 2,3,4 and even 5 layers. If you're a mid handicapper you should be looking at a 2 or 3 layer golf ball. 

To make it simple a 2 layer ball is for distance & straightness whereas a 3 layer ball helps with control.

We'll highlight the positives of each and recommend a ball for you. 


2 Layer Golf Ball


  • Higher durability 
  • More distance 
  • Reduced spin (good if you hook or slice)
  • Cheaper

Durability is the biggest advantage of a 2 piece ball, usually a hard surlyn cover which is less prone to damage. The harder outer layer increases resilience. As a result the ball does not collapse as much when struck & you'll get better distance. It'll also spin less which is not great for green control but if you hook or slice often then it may help keep shots in play. Finally due to the simple design they are generally more affordable.

Best 2 layer golf ball for a Mid Handicapper - Srixon soft feel

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3 Layer Golf Ball

  • High spin rate 
  • High greenside control
  • Soft feel when struck

Most tour golf balls are three or four piece. A three piece ball will have a higher spin rate which helps with control on the greens, particularly stopping the ball quickly. It also means you can shape the ball if you're starting to work a draw or fade. Finally you'll find that a softer ball just feels nicer off the club face when struck.

Best 3 layer golf ball for a Mid Handicapper - Srixon Q Star tour

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Best premium golf ball for a mid handicapper

For a premium range golf ball look no further than the Carver golf ball. This is also a 3 layer ball with a soft Urethane casing.

What makes this ball better is the higher compression (90) giving even more control and spin around the greens. Great for approach shots and short game.

Like the Pro V1 it's recommended you have a higher swing speed in order to get the best out of this ball distance wise.

A unique feature of this ball is the precision putting line. A printed 40mm black line which is great for lining up puts.

This is the best premium golf ball for a mid handicapper.



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