Best golf balls

Your golf game deserves the best, and it all starts with the right golf ball. Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting started, finding the perfect ball can make a world of difference in your performance. In this guide, we'll explore the best golf balls that promise to take your game to new heights. Let's uncover the ideal companion to unleash your full golfing potential.


Best Golf Balls


How do we define the 'best golf balls'

Defining the criteria for the "best golf balls" can vary depending on individual preferences. For the purpose of this article, we consider the best to be the premium golf ball range, characterised by top-tier performance and features. If you're specifically seeking the best balls for a higher handicap, check out our recommended selection of the best golf balls for high handicaps


The Carver golf ball

It's essential to mention our own golf ball in this roundup of the best. Designed to rival premium options, our ball offers remarkable features at a more affordable price.

This golf ball boasts a soft feel and durability, with a 3-piece construction and a tough urethane shell. What sets it apart is the 40mm precision putting line on the side, allowing you to effortlessly line up your putts without the need for additional markings. Plus, it's the only ball on this list that comes with a money-back guarantee, giving you added peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

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 Titleist Pro V1 (and 1X)


Undoubtedly, the most popular and often hailed as the ultimate golf ball choice. It's the preferred pick for professionals worldwide and a top seller in virtually every golf shop. The ball features a 3-layer design (4 layers for the 1X) and boasts a urethane elastomer cover. Despite its popularity, the reason for its widespread acclaim is not entirely clear, given its higher price compared to other options that offer similar performance at a better value.

Nevertheless, this ball has stood the test of time and has earned a reputation for unwavering consistency and durability, consistently delivering exceptional performance on the course.

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TaylorMade TP5


Another golf ball gaining popularity among top players. In recent years, more professionals have adopted this ball, leading to increased demand and the perception that it reigns as the best golf ball. What sets it apart is its unique distinction as the first and only 5-layer golf ball available in the market.

According to TaylorMade, these 5 layers contribute to improved carry and reduced drag, resulting in enhanced overall distance. However, it's crucial to note that the difference in distance is likely marginal, and the average golfer may not notice a significant contrast compared to other brands.

While the recommended retail price is comparable to the Pro V1, keep an eye out for special offers, as you might find it available at a more budget-friendly price point.

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Srixon Z star


For devoted Srixon fans, the Z star stands out as the brand's best golf ball. Just like the other top contenders, this ball boasts claims of exceptional distance, quick stopping power, and impressive durability. Crafted as a 3-piece ball with a reliable urethane cover, the Z star delivers an outstanding performance on the greens.

What's more, the Z star comes with a slightly lower recommended retail price compared to the Pro V1 and TP5s, making it an enticing choice for golfers seeking a winning combination of quality and value in their golf ball selection.

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Callaway Chrome soft


The Chrome Soft stands proudly as Callaway's finest offering among the best golf balls. While it may not boast being the furthest flying, it certainly aims to be Callaway's ultimate golf ball. Featuring the standard 3 layers and urethane casing like its competitors, the Chrome Soft stands out with its unique hexagonal dimple pattern.

Notably, this exceptional golf ball tends to be more budget-friendly compared to other premium options on the market, making it an attractive choice for golfers seeking a winning combination of performance and affordability.

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So which is the best golf ball?

If you've read through this entire article, you might have noticed a recurring pattern. All these golf balls share a similar 3 (or 4) layer construction, utilise comparable casings, and are known for their durability. When put to the test against one another, their performance is remarkably alike, with only a few yards of difference here and there. For most, these marginal variances are hardly noticeable unless you're a tour professional. Ultimately, the best golf ball for you boils down to personal preference.

Now, let's put our sales hat on. We proudly introduced the Carver golf ball with a simple mission – to offer all the premium features found in top balls at an affordable price point. And when you compare its features with the others, you'll see it lives up to that promise. So, don't break the bank searching for the perfect golf ball, instead, choose the Carver and enjoy a winning combination of quality and value.



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