The Simple Golf Ball

  • Three-piece golf ball

    Premium quality golf balls. From a solid core to a urethane shell finish.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If not satisfied, return 9 of the 12 balls unused for a full refund.

  • Precision Putting Line

    Master alignment with our precision putting line. Aim like a pro, putt like one too.

  • Free Delivery

    Free shipping on all orders. You can enjoy our golf balls without extra costs.

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Meet the ultimate golf ball. With precision putting line. Soft feel casing. Get the best, for less.

  • Great alternative to expensive big brand balls

    Tried the carver ball out to see how it fared vs. a Pro V and was very pleasantly surprised. Soft around the green, durable and most importantly fairly priced! The putting line is a nice added feature which saves having to mark your ball manually before a round

  • Very happy with purchase

    Was a little apprehensive at first but very pleased I decided to give them a go - better quality than some of the other off-piste brands I’ve tried

  • Really impressed with Carver

    Really impressed with Carver. Fantastic balls and great customer service. The balls are nice and soft and feel very premium. When I needed to get in touch with Carver they were very professional, gave me a quick solution and answered all my questions. Very happy indeed.

  • Great, love the line on ball!

    Great brand! Love the line on the ball! Saves me heaps of time instead of having to draw the line on! Loved the tees that I brought with them as well! Look forward buying again.

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Best Golf Ball

Like the best Golf balls... but for less.

A superior golf ball. 

The highest performance,

from a top-quality ball 

that you can afford. 

3 Layer Golf ball

3 Layer Build

Three-piece golf ball.
From a solid core,
to a soft shell finish.

Precision putting line

Precision putting line

Add consistency to putting. 

Aim like a pro. 

Putt like one too.

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Carver Golf Ball

A Soft Shell

Soft casing.

Get more spin from your golf ball,

with extra control.

Risk free with our money back guarantee

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Like the best Golf balls... but for less

With a focus on premium brands, our golf ball aims to deliver a comparable feel to top versions while maintaining an affordable price.

Not only have we achieved this, but our extensive testing reveals that our golf ball's spin on approach shots rivals even the most costly options available.

3 Layer Build - A Soft Shell

Among premium golf balls, a consistent feature is their three-layer construction and a soft urethane shell.

The Carver golf ball follows this trend, comprising a solid core, an enhanced rubber layer, and a soft (urethane) shell for an impeccable finish.

The exceptional spine and greenside control provided by our soft shell make it challenging to find a golf ball that can rival its performance.

Precision putting line

Our golf ball boasts a highly popular and distinctive feature – the precision putting line. This 40mm printed black line guarantees precise putting alignment, eliminating the hassle of drawing a new line on each ball and preventing line wear during your round.

With the precision putting line, aiming becomes effortless, enabling you to concentrate solely on judging distance during your putts.

Money Back Guarantee

We understand there's a degree of loyalty to your existing golf ball so making a change can be difficult. That's exactly why we've introduced the risk free money back guarantee.

We're so confident that you'll enjoy our golf ball that we're offering a full refund if you're not satisfied. All you'd need to do is return at least 9 of the 12 golf balls unused.

Giving you the opportunity to play with a sleeve of balls and know that you'll get a refund in the unlikely event you don't think they're worth it.