Plastic Golf Tees



Plastic golf tees are a popular choice due to their durability and the fact that they often come in bright colours making them easier to find after a tee shot. 

If opting for the castle tee they'll also ensure you tee it the same height each time. 

The cost for these also tends to be higher than the wooden golf tee because in theory they're more durable and should last longer. However interestingly, in a recent study it was determined that the average golfer re purchases a pack of plastic tees at the same rate they do wooden ones so there's the longevity argument out the window. 


Plastic Golf Tees


Champkey SDP Plus Golf Tees



Coming in packs of 75 and starting at £9.99 per pack, these tees are plastic not wooden. 

Available in two sizes, 70mm & 83mm. 

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PGA Tour 200 Castle Golf Tees




These plastic castle tees come in a mixed bag of 200. 

Each bag contains:

60 x red tees: 31mm
60 x blue tees: 37mm
50 x yellow tees: 43mm
10 x white tees: 50mm
10 x pink tees: 60mm
10x silver tees: 70mm

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 Eagle Work Plastic Golf Tees



With a 4 pronged head design, Eagle Work plastic golf tees are made of a durable blend making them much stronger than wooden tees. 

Available in both 70mm & 83mm

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Zivisk Pink Golf Tees



These easy to use plastic castle tees are designed for consistent tee height. 

Coming in packs of 100 at a tee height of 57mm. 

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Saplize Plastic Golf Tees



Made from a durable plastic blend, these tees claim to be environmentally non-toxic and can stand the test of time. 

Available in packs of 50 or 100 and in sizes 70mm or 83mm. 

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