Best Golf Glove

Here we'll go over the best golf gloves out there. We look at quality along with value for money. Not including wet weather golf gloves



Why do we need a golf glove? 

You can play without but the main reason you wear a golf glove is for grip. It helps prevent the club turning in the players hand particularly on hot days. It usually means you won't have to grip the club so hard helping achieve a smoother swing. 

What hand do you wear a golf glove on? 

You wear the glove on your non dominant hand, so for right handed golfers it's on your left. For lefties it's on your right. 


Best Golf Gloves

For this we've taken both quality and value into account. As this article is about the top of the range products, we have only focused on the premium range. We will include one budget glove however. 


GX Golf Gloves

Best Golf Gloves - GX golf glove

The best value premium glove out there. This glove from GX is constructed from the finest Cabretta leather to create an unmatched feel and grip. Ventilation on both the front and back increases its breathability to ensure the life of the glove is prolonged, even in hot weather.

With free UK shipping and for less than £9 per glove if buying a pack, you won't find quality as high for as lower price anywhere else. The only down side would be that they only come in packs of 3 but you can ensure you're stocked up for the season.

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Footjoy Hyperflx Golf Glove

Best Golf Gloves - Footjoy Hyperflex

A premium cabretta leather golf glove. A soft feel golf glove with increased breathability and strong moisture control. With its soft microfibre material and mesh netting along the knuckles, expect tour-performance feel and grip. 

A very popular glove all round and high quality. Only downside would be the price at roughly £18 per glove. You do get what you pay for however. 

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Glove

Best Golf Gloves - TaylorMade Tour Preferred


The glove of choice for Team TaylorMade Tour athletes, the Tour Preferred Glove is constructed from premium leather to provide optimal comfort, fit and feel. AAA Cabretta Soft Tech™ Leather engineered perforation for breathability. 

The only downside here is the price for around £16 per glove on Amazon. Again you are getting high quality for what you pay for. 

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Titleist Players Golf Glove

 Best Golf Gloves - Titleist Players Glove

The choice of leading professionals, the Players™ Men's Golf Glove features a strong base of tanned Cabretta leather complemented with well-thought-out and precisely placed seams. Featuring premium Select Cabretta Leather delivering the finest feel and precise fit along with breathable perforations.

A common downside I know but this is costly for as much as £22 on the Titleist website. You may find it cheaper elsewhere however. 

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Best Budget Golf Glove

Callaway Mens Weather Spann



A great glove and hugely popular, available on Amazon for £7.90 per glove (price correct as of 11/22). Premium Japanese synthetic material offers great feel, flexibility and increased durability. Reinforced palm patches for improved grip and durability in all weather conditions.

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