Bamboo Golf Tees

The Bamboo golf tee is designed to be more environmentally friendly as Bamboo grows at an accelerated rate. Here we'll provide a list of the best bamboo golf tees out there. 



Should you use Bamboo golf tees?

In short... yes you should!
Specific species of Bamboo will create a more durable and longer lasting tee which, along with the accelerated growth rate,  makes them much better for the environment. This is why you're seeing bamboo more frequently.
Here's a list of the best bamboo golf tees on the market today. 



Bamboo Golf Tees


Carver Golf Tee


Where better to start than our very own Carver Golf Tee. Featuring in golf monthly's 'Best Golf Tees' article. These bamboo crafted golf tees are marked for perfection adding consistency to your tee shots. 

Starting from as low as £3.99 per pack and available in multiple sizes - 42mm, 54mm, 70mm, 83mm. 

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Green Swing Bamboo Tees


Coming in packs of 30, Green Swings bamboo golf tees are strong, sustainable & biodegradable. 

Each pack contains 5 different sizes - 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 60mm & 70mm. 

Available in wooden or full colour. 

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Bensive Bamboo Golf Tees 70mm



This high-quality bamboo golf tee is designed with premium quality bamboo and is built to last. 

Only available in size 70mm but both a 50 pack & 100 pack available. 

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Golf One8 Bamboo Tees 



Golf One8's strong durable bamboo golf tees come in 3 sizes - 38mm, 70mm & 83mm. Each pack contains 100 golf tees. 

A great value tee but the only downside is that they have no markings on them. 

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Absolute BooTees



Ultra-sustainable, Super Strong, 3 Stepped giving a precise tee heights every time.

Available in packs of 20, 40 and 80 tees. 

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