Wooden Golf Tees

Why players choose wooden golf tees over the alternatives out there and a list of some of the best options available.



 Wooden golf tees vs plastic

One of golfs stranger debates is whether you should be use a wooden golf tee or a plastic one. It's for some reason expected that a player with a lower handicap can no longer use a plastic tee and should instead switch to the wooden version. But why is this and is there any merit to the argument?



Pros use wooden golf tees

This is certainly true. We'd all be surprised if we saw Rory Mcilroy arrive at the first hole in Augusta and stick in a bright orange castle tee. Or in a tense rider cup playoff hole both pros lined up with pink castle tees in hand. So are we just copying the experts?


What is the difference?

In truth, not a lot. Plastic can be harder to plant in firm ground and will bend instead of breaking. So you could end up spending more time bending the tee back into the correct shape. Wooden golf tees will be much easier to plant in the turf but are less durable so will break. However interestingly in a study it was found that a golfer will re-purchase a pack of wooden tees at the same rate as they would plastic so that's the longevity argument out the window.

Best Wooden Golf Tees

Carver Golf Tee


Where better to start than our very own Carver Golf Tee. Featuring in golf monthly's 'Best Golf Tees' article. These wooden golf tees are marked for perfection adding consistency to your tee shots. 

Starting from as low as £3.99 per pack and available in multiple sizes - 42mm, 54mm, 70mm, 83mm. 

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Green Swing Bamboo Tees


Coming in packs of 30, Green Swings bamboo tees are strong, sustainable & biodegradable. 

Each pack contains 5 different sizes - 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 60mm & 70mm. 

Available in wooden or full colour. 

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Bensive Bamboo Golf Tees 70mm



This high-quality bamboo tee is designed with premium quality bamboo and is built to last. 

Only available in size 70mm but both a 50 pack & 100 pack available. 

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PTS 83mm Tees



One of the more popular tees in golf, you'll often find these on the shelves of your pro shop. Comes in a pack of 75 and is 83mm tee. 

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PTS 69mm Tees



Like the above, the PTS 69mm tee is one of the most well known in golf and can be found in most pro shops. 

Each pack contains 100 tees.  

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