Best budget golf balls

Looking for a premium golf ball that stays within your budget? Or are you looking for a ball for maximum durability. Here's our take on the best budget golf balls.



Budget golf balls - Premium quality



It wouldn't be right not to mention our own premium Carver ball in an article like this. After all one of the main selling points is the fact that it's premium quality at a more affordable price.

Like the premium balls, this is 3 layers with a soft urethane shell. It also features a 40mm black line printed on to make lining up putts easier than ever. Also available as a subscription, in our opinion it's the best budget premium golf ball.

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Budget golf balls - Standard quality

Titleist Trufeel

From Titleist, their lowest price therefor best budget golf ball is the Trufeel costing between £20-£25 per dozen. This two piece golf ball is designed to give the feel of their more premium range but for a lower cost. It's slightly harder shell increases durability.

Although the control is okay, it's not comparable to a premium ball. You'll also struggle for distance if you have a fast swing speed. Finally it's slightly more costly than the other balls mentioned in this article.

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Callaway Supersoft

Callaways best ball for your budget can be found for under £20 per dozen. This two piece golf ball is praised for being a great all round ball. With a new hybrid cover to boost distance without compromising on feel. It also has a black background on the 'Supersoft' logo helping to line up putts.

Similar to the Trusoft you won't quite get the distance if you have a faster golf swing and the dimple pattern can on some occasions be off putting at address. 

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TaylorMade Soft Response



TaylorMades budget golf ball like the Supersoft can be for for under £20 per box. This ball is designed for excellent all round consistency, without sacrificing on how it feels. Widely praised for it's performance in windy conditions and it's shallower dimple pattern to increase lift.

You will loose some control around the greens but you can get that from a premium ball.

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Best budget golf ball - Lowest quality


Wilson Ultra


Cheap and cheerful as some would say. we've seen these for as low as £11 for 15 balls making this the best budget ball price wise. This two piece ball is designed for maximum durability and for a little more distance if you have a slower swing speed.

The downside is they won't feel as nice to strike and you'll have next to no control around the greens. But if you're a new golfer or not that bothered about how the ball feels, give these a go.

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So which is the best golf ball for your budget

This really depends what you're after, if your wanting a premium golf ball then look no further than the Carver golf ball.

Our preferred budget mid range golf ball is the TaylorMade Tour Response. Then the cheapest at as low as 75p per ball is the Wilson Ultra.

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