Best golf ball for high handicappers?

We look at what should be considered when looking for the best golf ball as a higher handicapper. Here's what you should consider along with the balls we'd recommend.


What should you look for?

There are lots of things a golfer with a higher handicap needs to consider when it comes to looking for a ball to use. However to make things simple, we've condensed it down to 4 key points for consideration... Distance, Durability, Price and Control. 




Generally a golfer with a high handicap will not hit the ball as far, so a key point to consider would be a ball that adds distance. Our recommended golf ball for that extra length is: 

Titleist tour soft.



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Before you go ahead thinking you'll get an extra 20/30 yards, we're only talking an extra few yards at best but it all helps.






On average you'd expect a higher handicapped golfer to hit it off target more frequently. So if you're hitting more trees it's worth considering a more durable golf ball. 

More durability means it will last longer as it's designed to withstand heavy impacts. The slight downside however is that the ball will be firm to hit so won't it won't feel nice off the club face. 

It's worth mentioning the below are great for distance as well, but for that increased durability we'd recommend:


Titleist TruFeel

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Callaway Warbird

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Lets be honest, as a high handicapper you're probably losing more golf balls so it could just be as simple as finding the cheapest option out there.

It won't feel or perform as well as the rest but it's certainly nice for the bank account.

A cheap and cheerful option would be the Wilson Ultra for as little as 75p per ball.


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When looking for the best golf ball as a high handicapper, having more greenside control may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However it can help when it comes to your approach shots and short game around the green.

If you're looking for more control then you'll need to look towards the premium range of balls. However the good news is our very own Carver Golf Ball won't hurt your wallet but will add that control.



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It's also good for those higher handicaps that have a fast swing speed as it'll help gain extra distance.


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