Best Wet Weather Golf Gloves

Wet Weather golf gloves. What are they, why should you use them and what are the best options out there? 



What are they? 

Wet Weather golf gloves, or rain gloves, are designed to give you grip when playing in rainy or humid conditions. If you're not sure why you'd need these then you've probably never played with a wet glove/grip. A pair of these gloves are an absolute must when it comes to playing in wet conditions. 

You'll also need to keep your body warm and dry so check out our other articles on waterproof jackets and trousers.



Best Wet Weather golf gloves

We'll rank these in no particular order and have taken both the quality and value into account. 


GXtreme Climate Glove

Best Wet Weather golf gloves - GXtreme


The GX ExtremeClimate® Glove is specifically designed for the times you find yourself playing in the most extreme weather conditions. Whether that is a severe downpour or searing heat, this glove will provide you with an unrivalled grip tolerating rain and sweat ensuring your hands contact to the club is not compromised.

Sold in pairs. 

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FootJoy WinterSof Gloves


Best Wet weather golf gloves - Footjoy WinterSof


The Self proclaimed #1 pair of men's winter golf gloves. The proven water resistant Sure-Grip™ Autosuede™ knit palm provides a soft feel and consistent fit with a secure grip during cool weather conditions.

Sold in pairs.

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