Jumbo Golf Grips

A lesser known but potentially game changing option for some players out there. 

But what are Jumbo golf grips and who should use them? 




What are Jumbo golf grips?

Jumbo golf grips are a larger oversized grip that can be used instead of the common standard grip. They can be used on all golf clubs and are also known as an oversize grip. 

A typical Jumbo golf grip is 26.04mm in circumference. For reference a standard grip is usually 22.86mm. 

There are larger grips out there but generally Jumbo is the most common. 


Who are Jumbo golf grips for?

If you're a golfer with larger hands (glove size XL and beyond) or suffer from certain medical conditions such as arthritis, then a Jumbo golf grip is for you.

For medical conditions Jumbo grips can dampen vibrations with the extra rubber material. This is especially useful if the condition causes pain when swinging.

It's well worth consulting your local golf pro as they can advise best on which grip will meet your needs.


Best Jumbo Golf Grips 


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jumbo


One of the most popular grips in golf is available in Jumbo. The standard size is widely used on the tour.

Expensive but popular. 

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Yamato Grips (Men & Women) 

Plain and simply, these black jumbo grips are one of the most popular choices on amazon. 

Available in a pack of 8 or pack of 13.

A great quality grip for an even greater price. 

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Mile High Life


A popular Jumbo grip available in 3 colours (as well standard and Midsize). 

One of the best rated on Amazon. Only downside is that you can only purchase a pack of 13. 

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Lamkin Jumbo Grips (9 pack)



One of the more popular grips in golf, it's well worth considering Lamkin. Only downside is that the jumbo sized grips can only be purchased in packs of 9.


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Non Branded Colours



Not loyal to a brand (or don't see the relevance), then check out these non branded multi compound style grips, available in 4 colours and a variety of quantity combinations.

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