Pro V1

Hands down the most popular ball in golf. Used by the majority of tour pros around the world. With over 400,000 Titleist Pro V1 balls made EACH WEEK. What makes them so popular and how do they manage to have such a strong hold on golfers?  



What makes the Pro V1 so good?

The balls popularity comes from its fantastic performance tee to green. It's been developed for increased distance but still maintains great control around the greens. Pair that with great durability and you can't go wrong.



What is the Pro V1X

Easy to distinguish by the colour of the number on the ball and the more obvious 'x' on the side. 
But apart from looking slightly different, what's the difference in the performance?

The Pro V1 is a 3 piece golf ball whereas the 1X is 4 piece. We won't go into extensive detail about the exact differences as that's available elsewhere, instead we'll summarise:


Use the PRO V1 if...

  • You want a softer feel
  • You want a lower ball flight
  • You want less iron spin
  • You want slightly less short game spin

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Use the PRO V1x if...

  • You want a slightly firmer feel
  • You're after a high ball flight
  • You want more iron spin
  • You want more short game spin 

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Pro V1 vs Carver

The Carver golf ball has been designed to compete with the likes of the Pro V1.
Like the Pro V1 it has a 3 layer build and a soft urethane outer shell.
Performance wise the Carver ball excels with its distance and control around the greens.


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