Ping G425 Driver

Introducing the PING G425 Driver, a great addition to PING's line of high-performance drivers. Featuring a high MOI design, T9S+ forged face, and Turbulator Technology, this driver offers greater forgiveness and faster ball speed across the entire face. Here we’ll go through more details about the driver itself and recommended handicap.


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Ping G425 Driver overview

The G425 Driver is a high-performance driver designed for golfers who need more forgiveness in their shots. It has a high MOI (moment of inertia) for better stability and is engineered with draw bias weighting to help bring shots back on-line and into the fairway.

The driver has a T9S+ forged face that delivers high ball speed thanks to a unique heat-treating process that makes it stronger. It also has a Ti-8-1-1 body with advanced Internal Dragonfly Technology that improves weight savings, increases the MOI for more forgiveness, and has better airflow efficiency.

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The crown turbulators of the driver are re-designed for better airflow efficiency to reduce aerodynamic drag, which allows increased airflow for more clubhead speed and provides better alignment at the address point position.

The hosel on the driver has five loft and lie adjustments to fine-tune trajectory, and a fixed 23-gram tungsten back weight shifts the CG closer to the heel to promote a right-to-left shot bend. The driver also features Precision Forged Face technology for fast ball speeds and more distance, as well as internal ribbing to improve acoustics for a solid, pleasing sound and better feel.

What handicap is good for the Ping G425 driver?

The PING G425 is a great option for high handicap players seeking a balance of accuracy and forgiveness. It's designed to address dispersion issues that many high handicap players face. On the other hand, the LST model is preferred by lower handicap players and some Tour players.

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Should you use the Ping G425 driver?

The PING G425 is a high-performance driver with advanced technology designed to provide greater forgiveness and faster ball speed. It can be a great option for high handicap players who need more forgiveness in their shots. However, whether or not you should use the driver depends on a variety of factors, including your personal preferences, skill level, and needs on the golf course.

It's always a good idea to try out a club before making a purchase to determine if it's the right fit for you.

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