What is a greensome in golf?

What is greensomes golf, what are the handicap allowances and how do you play? 



What is a greensome?

Greensomes golf is a competitive format for teams of two played in a four ball. Both team members tee off on each hole, you'll pick the best tee shot and then play alternate shots until the hole is complete. Not to be confused with Foursomes which is alternate shots but only one team member tees off.

It's considered to be more popular than Foursomes as both players get to tee off instead of deciding who will drive the even and odd holes. 


What are the handicap rules for greensomes?

According to CONGU's recommendations, it should be 60% of the lowest handicap plus 40% of the highest handicap. 

So if your team is a 10 & 20 handicapper. You'd take 60% of the 10 handicap which is 6 and add that to 40% of the 20 handicap which is 8. Giving you 14 shots. 


Are there any tips to consider when playing? 

Minimum drives needed?

Here's a few things to remember when playing greensomes. Firstly some competitions may say you have to take a certain amount of tee shots from both players. If so then it's worth taking the weaker players drives whenever possible until the minimum requirement is reached. Even if they're slightly worse position. 

Consider your second shot.

Although it may be obvious to take the furthers drive, don't forget that it's alternate shots. If you're a 5 & 20 handicapper you may want to get the 5 handicapper hitting the approach shot, even if it's from a slightly further or worse position. Just think, who is more likely to hit the green with their approach shot... A 5 handicap from 140 yards, or a 20 handicap from 120? 



Don't tap it in. 

You miss a 6ft put and the ball is just on the edge of the hole, your natural instinct is to tap the ball in, pick it up and walk to the next hole... don't! It's alternate shots so your partner has to tap it in even if it's a inch away. 

You'd be amazed how many forget this! 


Make things fun by playing gruesomes.

A fun variation of greensomes is gruesomes. This is pretty much the same as above but you take the worst tee shot instead of the best!


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