What is a shotgun start in golf?

Shotgun Start


Simply put, a shotgun start is when every player begins their golf round at the same time.


How do they do this?

Each group of up to 4 players stars on a hole. If there are enough participants each hole will have one or maybe two groups starting on it.

You'll still make your way around the course until you've completed the full 18. So if you start on hole 7, your final hole will be the 6th.


Why is a shotgun start used?

A shotgun start is primarily used to ensure a large group of golfers finish at roughly the same time. Typically charity days or golf captains days where you have a lot of groups and don't want the first group in to have to wait hours for the last.

Spare a thought for anyone who gets drawn on the hole furthest from the clubhouse. That means a long walk out and back.


Do they actually use a shotgun to start the golf round? 

In some rare cases yes! But typically they'll just use something loud like an airhorn. A shotgun was apparently used for the first ever shotgun start back in 1956.


Has a shotgun start ever been used on the golf tour?

Yes it has. Although very rare it's an affective way to get all players round quickly.

It was used in the final round of the 1993 Czech Open and for the final two rounds of the 2009 Portugal Masters.



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