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A putter is arguably the most crucial club in a golfer's bag. It's the club that's used the most during a round and the one that can make or break a golfer's score. That's why choosing the right putter is essential for success on the greens. For over 25 years, Odyssey Putters have been recognised as some of the best putters on the market, providing golfers with unmatched performance and innovative design features. Here we'll go through your options. 


Latest Odyssey Putters


Odyssey White Hot Versa One CH Golf Putter

The Odyssey White Hot Versa One CH Golf Putter is the ultimate putting weapon for golfers looking to improve their game. Featuring the Versa Alignment system, the high-contrast design allows for easier alignment at address, helping you sink more putts. The White Hot insert delivers a consistent sound and feel across the entire face, ensuring maximum performance on every putt. The Red Stroke Lab Shaft is a revolutionary innovation that redistributes weight to improve your stroke and tempo.


With a shortened steel tip and a stiffer feel, the Red Stroke Lab provides added stability and consistency, making it a popular choice among golfers of all levels. Plus, with a 2-year guarantee and a comfortable pistol grip, the Odyssey White Hot Versa One CH Golf Putter is the perfect addition to your golf bag.

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Odyssey DFX 2-Ball OS Putter

Introducing the DFX Black Putter from Odyssey Golf - the ultimate combination of style and performance. With the DFX insert, this putter is designed for golfers who prefer a soft feel and smooth roll on the greens. The DFX insert is 20% softer than the popular White Hot range, delivering a smoother feel and more consistent performance on every putt. The premium black finish gives the putter a sleek, stealthy appearance that's both anti-glare and visually stunning from every angle.

The oversize grip provides a comfortable and secure grip, making it easier to square up the face and deliver more accurate putts. Plus, with a 2-year guarantee, you can trust the DFX Black Putter to deliver unmatched performance and durability for years to come. Don't settle for an ordinary putter - upgrade to the DFX Black Putter and take your game to the next level.

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Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven Double Bend Putter

 The Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven Double Bend Golf Putter features a Versa Alignment system for perfect alignment every time, a White Hot Insert for consistent feel and sound, and a Red Stroke Lab Shaft for improved performance.

The double-bend shaft hosel design is perfect for straight back and through putting strokes. With a comfortable pistol grip and a 2-year guarantee, this putter is a popular choice around the world for golfers of all levels.

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Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Putter

The Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Golf Putter is back in black with its signature DFX insert which provides a 20% softer feel and smoother roll than the White Hot insert. The putter boasts a premium black finish that reduces glare and enhances its appearance. The pistol grip provides a comfortable grip and feel. The putter also comes with a 2-year guarantee. Improve your putting game with the Odyssey DFX 1 Pistol Golf Putter.

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Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Double Bend OS Putter

The Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Double Bend OS Golf Putter is the ultimate performance mallet. It features a White Hot insert for a consistent feel and sound, while the unique head shape with a forward CG delivers a tight dispersion of a blade. The TPU sole insert with a crowned design helps to improve the sound and feel without adding weight to the center of the putter head. Plus, the major-winning Stroke Lab shaft redistributes weight from head to grip to improve your stroke's consistency and tempo.

The putter is perfect for golfers with strokes that have minimal face rotation and arc. With a 2-year guarantee, red Stroke Lab shaft, and oversize grip, this putter is a popular choice for golfers around the world.

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Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Golf Putter

 Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Golf Putter

Introducing the Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Golf Putter, a meticulously crafted putter designed to deliver Tour-proven performance. Featuring a deep diamond groove milled pattern on the face for precise ball roll, and an innovative Stroke Lab shaft for improved weight distribution and tempo, this putter is a popular choice around the world. Additionally, the adjustable weighting system allows you to fine-tune the putter for improved consistency and forward roll.

The midnight black finish combined with fine milling on the surfaces gives the putter an ultra-premium look that is played on Tour's worldwide. The San Diego blade putter with a plumbers neck hosel is best suited for putting strokes with a moderate arc and face rotation. With a 2-year guarantee and midsize pistol grip, this putter is sure to elevate your game.

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