Best Golf Tees

The following is an extract from the article 'Best Golf Tees 2022' written by Golf Monthly.

Carver Golf Tees


Tees are marked at optimum tee heights

Hardened wood increases durability

Great value 


Only one color available 


Consistently setting your tees at the right height is a problem that many golfers suffer from. If you position your tee at the wrong height, you may fail to hit the sweet spot on your clubface and sacrifice a lot of distance from the tee box. 

But if you want to play your best golf, it is important to have the ball up at the right height every time you play a shot. That's where the Carver Golf tees come in. Carver have added markings to each of their wooden tees that allow players to position the ball at the correct height each time they address a shot. That helps golfers achieve better, more consistent ball flights from the tee.

See the Carver Tee below...