Midsize Golf Grips

What are midsize golf grips, who should use them and where can they be purchased? We answer all the key questions.




Midsize golf grips are primarily for people with larger hands but can also be useful if you suffer with any medical conditions like arthritis.

They are a slightly larger grip and you can see the measurement difference below.

Midsize circumference: 24.46mm
Standard circumference: 22.86mm 



Why should you use a Midsize golf grip?

Having the correct size grip could greatly increase consistency. If using a grip that's too small, this can cause you to squeeze the club at impact meaning more hooked shots. 

As a general rule it's recommended that if you use a Large or X-Large glove then you should have a midsize golf grip.



Where can I get Midsize golf grips?

They tend to be a little more expensive but you can purchase a Carver Midsize golf grip from us. With these grips expect all the quality you'd get from the well known brands, at a much better price.

You can also get these from any pro shop who will usually regrip them for you.

We'll list some of the best Midsize grips below...



Best Midsize Golf Grips​


 Carver Midsize Grip


Taking inspiration from the best grips in golf, we've come back with more grip than ever. With a non slip surface for max performance & comfort.

Designed with a long lasting rubber blend, you'll get a long lasting grip at an affordable price.

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Lamkin Crossline (Midsize)



High quality performance, a classic look, and excellent feel. Crossline is a highly-durable midsize golf grip compound and best-in-class torsion control for improved shot-making and confidence. One of Lamkin’s best-selling grips for more than 20 years and is a popular choice on the PGA Tour.

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Golf Pride Tour Velvet (Midsize)



 The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Grip is as an larger version of the popular original, ensuring it's providing the same impressive qualities. 

This grip remains the first choice amongst tour players with its non-slip surface pattern to provide total control on every shot.

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Bulk offers - Midsize grips


 Saplize Hybrid Golf Grips (Midsize - 13 pack)



Current is Deluxe Kit, Including 13 Midsize grips and 15 grip tapes, 5OZ solvent, rubber vice clamp & hook blade.

Grip with traditional tapered design, helps reduce hand tension and releases more power on strike.

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Yamato Black Grip (Midsize - 13 Pack)



Soft And Tacky Nature Rubber. Built to last and perform in all weather conditions. Firmer grip material limits torsion at shot impact for greater confidence and excellent consistency

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