What is an Eagle in golf

What is an Eagle in golf? How did the name come about and what's the difference between net & gross eagle. 



What is an Eagle in golf?

 An Eagle is much harder to come by but impressive if achieved. 

One better than a birdie, an eagle is when you score two strokes less than the declared par of the hole. So if you're playing a par-5 hole and complete the hole having only hit 3 shots, that's an eagle.

If playing a par-3 and you complete the hole in one shot. That's also an eagle however is more popularly known as a 'Hole in One'.


Where does the word 'eagle' come from?

The term came about from the golfer Ab Smith who originally dubbed the one under par score a birdie. This same group referred to two under as an 'eagle'.

See where the word Birdie came from to understand the meaning behind both words.



What is the difference between Net & Gross? 


Net Eagle

A net eagle is when you shoot two under the par of the hole with the aid of your handicap strokes. 

So lets say you're an 18 handicap and you're paying a par 5 hole and you manage to get a birdie on this hole. As your handicap takes a shot off per hole this birdie has an extra shot taken off leaving you with a net eagle. 


Gross Eagle

A gross eagle is the opposite of a net eagle. Gross is the score you get before any handicap strokes are deducted.

So if you're playing a par 5, you will need to finish the hole in 3 shots to get a gross eagle. 



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