Hole in one

The famous hole in one. What is it, how do you get one and is there any reward? 




What is a hole in one?

A hole in one or 'ace' as some call it is pretty self explanatory. You get the ball in the hole having only hit one shot! 

Typically this happens on a par 3, very rarely it happens on a par 4 and amazingly it has been recorded as happening 5 times on a par 5.


How do you get a hole in one? 

It requires a little bit of skill and a big slice of luck, put the two together and you might have a hole in one. 

The odds for a tour player making one are roughly 3000 to 1 whilst the odds for an amature are around 12000 to 1.  

Roughly 128,000 hole in ones are scored each year. 


Who has the most hole in ones? 

Normal Manley of California holds the record for the most hole in ones with just 59 over his lifetime. 

On the PGA tour this record is held by Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton with 10 each. 

On the LPGA tour the record is 11 held by Kathy Whitworth. 


How many hole in ones does Tiger Woods have? 

Tiger woods has recorded 3 hole in ones during his PGA career and a further 17 hole in ones not in tournament play. His first came when he was just 6 years old. 


What is the reward for a hole in one? 


You'd think that a hole in one would give you a lifetime of free golf memberships but unfortunately it's the opposite. Aside from the pats on the back it's actually common courtesy to buy everyone in the bar a drink. That's right so if you're going to get a hole in one, try and avoid a sunny Saturday in the middle of summer. 

On tour events however a hole in one is usually sponsored by a major car brand who will give a car to the first hole in one, so a nice reward for some! 


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