Viktor Hovland rubbishes rumours about joining LIV following Jon Rahm's decision but criticises PGA Tour leadership for their 'arrogance.'

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In a recent episode of the "Fore" podcast in Norway, Viktor Hovland shared his insights on Jon Rahm's decision to join LIV Golf and discussed the challenges within the PGA Tour. Despite understanding Rahm's move, Hovland expressed reservations about following suit, particularly due to LIV's no-cut format.

Addressing the substantial financial deal Rahm secured, exceeding £450 million, Hovland refrained from criticising players for leaving, emphasizing that media coverage often presents only one perspective. He acknowledged the allure of the lucrative offer but took a swipe at the PGA Tour leadership for what he perceived as "arrogance."



While Hovland celebrated a successful 2023 season, winning the FedExCup title and significant bonuses, he remained sceptical about LIV Golf's appeal. The 26-year-old golfer explained that the no-cut format lacked the competitive edge he values, stating, "If I had gone to LIV, I don't think I would have become a better golfer. And then it is, in a way, end of discussion."

Committing to traditional PGA Tour events like The Sentry and others, Hovland distanced himself from Rahm's path, asserting, "No, I doubt that" when asked if he might consider a similar move in the future.

Joining other voices critical of the PGA Tour's decision-making process, Hovland expressed dissatisfaction with the management's handling of negotiations with the Public Investment Fund. He denounced the lack of transparency, stating, "The management has not done a good job," and criticised their perceived prioritisation of self-interest over the players' welfare.



As the PGA Tour faces a December 31 deadline to finalise a deal with the Public Investment Fund, Hovland's remarks shed light on the growing discontent among players. With Tiger Woods now involved in the policy board discussions, the tour seeks to navigate challenges and secure investments for PGA Tour Enterprises, a new for-profit entity. Reports suggest a significant injection of funds by Strategic Sports Group, totalling more than £2.37 billion ($3 billion).


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