Angel Cabrera Returns to PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions Following Release from Prison

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Argentine golfer Angel Cabrera has been granted reinstatement to both the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions, marking the end of a tumultuous chapter in his life. The Tour officially confirmed this news on Tuesday, revealing that Cabrera is eligible to compete once again.

Cabrera's downfall began in January 2021 when he was arrested on an Interpol warrant, leading to a conviction in July of the same year for threats and harassment against Cecilia Torres Mana, his partner of two years. Another former partner, Micaela Escudero, also joined the case. The 54-year-old golfer was sentenced to three years and ten months, eventually being released on parole in August after spending 30 months in custody between Brazil and Argentina.

While the PGA Tour does not publicly disclose conduct violations or confirm suspensions, a Tour spokesperson acknowledged Cabrera's eligibility to play, sparking conversations about his journey of rehabilitation and redemption.



In an interview with Golf Digest, Cabrera expressed remorse for his actions, admitting, "I made serious mistakes," and acknowledged the pain he caused to those closest to him. He sought forgiveness from both Micaela and Cecilia, recognizing the impact of his behaviour during a challenging period in his life.

PGA Tour senior vice-president Andy Levinson issued a letter to Cabrera, obtained by Golf Digest, notifying him of the lifting of his suspension. The letter included a stern warning that any failure to comply with the terms of his release could lead to an immediate reinstatement of the suspension.

Looking ahead, Cabrera, a two-time major champion, expressed hope to return to the Masters, where he claimed victory in 2009. The decision ultimately lies with Augusta National, the governing body of the major championship, which may choose to extend an invitation or not.



Despite his troubled past, Cabrera has already re-entered competitive golf, tying for 10th place in a recent event on the PGA Tour Latin-American developmental circuit. As he embarks on the road to redemption, Cabrera remains determined to restore his image and regain the stature he once held as an esteemed athlete.

"Golf is everything to me. It's my life. I have to continue," Cabrera affirmed, highlighting his commitment to rebuilding his career and personal reputation through the sport he loves.


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