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A good golf bag not only needs to hold your clubs, but it also needs to be lightweight, waterproof and most importantly (for some) it needs to look great!

We've scoured amazon for the top rated golf bags out there, with a mixture of carry, cart and even pencil bags. 




What types of golf bag are there?

There are four main types of golf bag, two more popular than the others. They are:


Stand(or carry) golf bag 

It's in the name, this golf bag is designed to be carried and usually comes with a two pronged stand allowing you to set the bag down wherever suits. Usually a lighter golf bag for obvious reasons. One benefit is that it can be used all year round. 


Cart (trolley) golf bag

The cart or trolley golf bag is to be used on a buggy, electric trolley or a push/pull trolley. Key benefits are that its usually better for you back, especially if using an electric trolley. 

The downside to a cart golf bag are that you sometimes have to follow a trolley path in winter months and it restricts your access to certain areas on the course, especially if you're not very accurate!. These are very minor things of course. 


Tour golf bag

Primarily used by tour golfers and pros. There's not many upsides to these golf bag apart from the obvious fact that they usually look the best. 

The downs are that they're expensive, heavy and don't usually have as many pockets/accessories as the other bags. 


Pencil golf bag

The smallest and lightest golf bag available. This is a very light weight narrow bag with limited pockets/accessories. Primarily used if you're wanting to carry but want a lighter option than the stand bag. Also useful if you're travelling abroad for golf and need to travel light.



Best golf bags

We've scoured Amazon to find the best rated bags on offer. 
(For tour bags see - best tour bags)


 Callaway Golf X-series Stand Bag


Type: Stand bag

With over 300 positive reviews, this golf bag is one of the best rated available and at a reasonable price. Features include a 6 way divider with 6 additional pockets. Weighing just 1.9kg it's lightweight and perfect for carrying. 

Available in 3 colours. 

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TaylorMade pro 8.0 Golf Stand Bag




Type: Stand bag

Another popular choice, this TaylorMade golf bag is available in up to 6 different colours, it comes with 7 dividers with an additional 7 pockets for storage. It's popular too with over 1000 positive reviews. 

It's slightly heavier at 3kg but the backstrap helps for stability. 

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TaylorMade Pro 8.0 Golf Cart Bag




Type: Cart/Trolley bag

This small lightweight cart bag comes with 14 dividers along with an additional 8 pockets for storage. A nice feature is the key lock base to ensure the golf bag stays firmly on the trolley. 

Available in 6 colours this bag has over 800 positive reviews making it one of the more popular cart bags around. 

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Macgregor Golf Matec Cart Bag



Type: Cart bag

A lesser known brand, the Macgregor cart golf bag is one of the top rated on Amazon. With over 90% giving it 4 or 5 stars. 

It's lightweight, available in 5 colours coming with 14 way divider and 9 pockets for storage. 

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Longridge 5" Pencil golf bag 



Type: Pencil bag

This great value and straightforward golf bag is one of the most in demand bags out there. With over 900 positive reviews and available for as low as £20. 

Not designed to be used with a full set, it's exactly what you're looking for in a pencil bag. 

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TaylorMade Quiver Pencil Golf Bag



Type: Pencil bag 

Small, lightweight and popular with 92% giving it 4 or 5 stars. Available in 2 colours this golf bag can hold a full set. 

Strap slider system allows the bag to stay stable when carrying. 

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